Why Realeyes Is Important

During the past 12 school years, the Realeyes curriculum has been presented by over 500 optometrists and staff to more than 600,000 students in 17,000 classrooms in Ohio. The goal is to educate students (and along the way, parents, teachers, school officials and others) about the importance of taking care of their eyes and the role vision plays in education. Through the thousands of pre- and post-tests that have been returned, students who have participated in Realeyes reveal that their knowledge of eye and vision health has grown. Through the 9,000 teacher evaluations that have been collected, the average rating for the Realeyes presentations is 4.8 out of 5.0. Many stories are told of
students receiving vision correction, understanding the importance of vision to learning, taking better care of
their eyes, and wearing their glasses as a result of the Realeyes presentation.

If you would like to become a Realeyes presenter, please contact the OOA. Preparation includes a two-hour training to review the four curricula and the corresponding scripts. Realeyes is a powerful advocacy message about vision, and presenters interact with students, teachers, school nurses, and principals in their community. The best part is that everything needed for a Realeyes presentation is provided by the OOA.

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