Third-Party Bulletin Update

This is the second of a series of updates from the OOA Third Party Committee. For future reference, these updates are archived in the “members only” section of

The 130th Ohio General Assembly began January 2, 2013 and promises to be full of legislative initiatives that have significance to optometry. Examples:

  1. Health Simplification Act update
  2. Truth in Advertising
  3. Telemedicine
  4. Governor Kasich’s proposed 2014-15 Ohio budget
  5. Health Insurance Exchange – Navigator Bill

Please generously support OOPAC… suggestion is a minimum of $20/month. You can donate online at
Or mail a personal check to OOPAC, P.O. Box 6036, Worthington, OH 43085

There has been confusion about the requirement for some entities to purchase a “surety bond” if they provide durable medical equipment. Dr. Brownlow consults with the OOA and it is his opinion that ODs do NOT have to purchase the surety bond if they are filling prescriptions for their own patients. However, if you are filling prescriptions for outside patients, you should purchase the surety bond.
Do not confuse the surety bond with the “re-enrollment” fee of $515 which you need to pay every 3 years.

Please contact the OOA if you would like a copy of this chart.

The OOA has confirmed that EyeMed is administering routine vision for Aetna. You must be an established member of the Aetna commercial plan to continue seeing patients for medical eyecare. In most situations the vision coverage does not affect the ability to provide medical eye care. You do have choice in including the EyeMed benefit.

Dr. Rod Snow, Chair, Dr. Nathan Bjork, Dr. Rob Engel, Dr. Lee Favede, Dr. Heath Gilbert, Dr. Larry Gill, Dr. Steve Hansen, Dr. Jay Henry, Dr. Mark Horvath, Dr. Jason Miller, Dr. Pete Mogyordy, Dr. Michael Ringel, Dr. Bill Rudy, Dr. Dave Shilling, Dr. Steve Shroder, Dr. Ted Smiley, Dr. Brent Swartz

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