2015 Ohio Optometric Foundation giving message

As we near the end of 2015, the Ohio Optometric Foundation is proud to share with you the successes and services provided to Ohioans in need during the past year.

Because of your generosity, the Ohio Optometric Foundation has:

* Provided opportunities and resources for children and underprivileged individuals to receive eye care. Since the launch of iSee, the Foundation’s in-school eye exam program, more than 1,000 Ohio school children received eye care and eyeglasses-giving these students a better chance to succeed in school.

* Educated the citizens of Ohio to make informed decisions regarding eye health and the importance of a lifetime of comprehensive vision care.

* Provided scholarships for Ohio students committed to service in the optometric profession. This year, five exceptional optometry students each received scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 to use toward their education. Since its establishment, the Ohio Optometric Foundation is proud to have awarded over $200,000 in student scholarships.
The Ohio Optometric Foundation is the nonprofit charity of your profession, so it makes sense to keep your charitable donations close to home. Please consider making a generous donation today. Your contribution really does make a difference. Donations to the Ohio Optometric Foundation are tax deductible and provide a way to ensure a lasting legacy that emphasizes the importance of vision and eye care.

Send your contribution to:

Ohio Optometric Foundation
PO Box 6036
Worthington, OH 43085
Or make a donation through the OOA website

You can also give to the OOF by simply linking your amazon.com and kroger card to the foundation at no cost. Download this Amazon and Kroger ways to donate PDF for instructions!

With warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year!

Tracey G. Needham, O.D.
Ohio Optometric Foundation

The Rudiments of Leadership

By Dr. Gregory Hopkins

Hopkins Blog PictureWe have, as optometrists, so many opportunities to display leadership! Take a look at the “word cloud” pictured above. Perhaps you would like for those characteristics to describe your habitual demeanor in the exam room with patients, during staff meetings, teaching students/residents, managing your household, raising your children (if applicable), etc.? Leadership is certainly an important topic—a google search will net >151,000,000 books on the subject (and counting). Leadership is the process of dealing with change, and our world is changing at an ever-accelerating pace. Certainly, we all do our best to manage this change, but there is a difference between leadership and management. We need both processes to succeed, and all of us have a distinct set of strengths and values to bring to the table. Let the unique reasons “WHY” you practice optometry drive “HOW” you set the culture of your practice. In the end, “WHAT” you do in your office reflects on your beliefs regarding the style of eye care you provide. Work outwards from the vision you have for your practice and you’ll be sure to attract loyal patients and staff—best of luck!

Opportunities abound to develop our leadership skills! Find mentors in your community, attend local zone meetings, volunteer to give RealEyes Presentations, serve your zone or seek positions on OOA committees or the board. There’s always great CE to be found on the topic of leadership at EastWest Eye Conference. The OOA Board runs a Leadership Academy for New Optometrists, with 40 new member-doctors poised to spend the coming year performing committee work and attending OOA events. If you graduated in optometry 2008 or later and would like to be part of the Leadership Academy, contact the OOA.

Submit Nominations for the 2015 OOA Awards

Do you know someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the Optometry profession this year? Here’s your chance to recognize them by submitting your nominations for the 2015 OOA Awards.

Awards will be presented October 3 during the OOA Congress at the EastWest Eye Conference in Cleveland. The deadline to submit nominations is August 31, 2015.

Categories for OOA awards include:

Friend of Optometry – To an individual or group, not an optometrist, who has exemplified dedication to the goals of the OOA.

Jack T. Keith Young Optometrist of the Year – To an OOA member who has received the OD degree within the previous ten years and has shown outstanding service to optometry and the community.

Warren G. and Ruth P. Morris Optometrist of the Year Award – To an OOA member who has participated in optometric and community service activities at national, state and local levels.

Download Award Nominations 2015 Form

Helping Older American’s with Vision Loss

By Joan Nerderman

Eye care in someone’s home is always EYE opening and can be so rewarding.   I have had the opportunity for the last 13 years to go into patient homes and nursing homes with a senior Ohio State University optometry extern who has expressed an interest in helping people in these areas of need.

What better way for an extern to experience the need, than to see the patient’s environment and the visual challenges: like the TV that’s only 6 feet away and at an angle or seeing them reading the newspaper in their dimly lit house. Often the suggestions to some of these problems are as simple as can the TV be put in a new location or do you have any gooseneck lamps in the house?

With just a few tools by your side like a hand held slit lamp, trial lenses and frame, eye chart (we have a simple one we tape to the wall and measure test distance), tonopen, Perkins or Icare tonometer, small lensometer is nice, drops and your BIO/panoptic, you can visit the patient it their home, and make small adjustments to help improve their life.  One of the most rewarding patients was one who had terrible neck contractures and cataracts.  Although no one could do surgery in her position we were able to get her a stand magnifier that allowed her to see the one thing she wanted–her grandson’s wedding pictures.

Also seeing the interaction of the externs with the fading population of WWII veterans, warms my heart. We can’t always get them seeing great but we can help advise those who may not otherwise get out for vision care, gain some vision independence.

Your Opportunity to Provide for Patients with Visual Disabilities

By: Dr. Gregory Hopkins

I think it’s fair to say that we, as optometrists, are all in the business of helping people. Much professional satisfaction can be gained from correcting patients back to 20/20 with the right glasses, contacts or successful surgical co-management! For your patients for whom nothing more can be done refractively (or otherwise), it’s probably the case that they are concerned about continuing to lead quality lives. Maybe they’ve expressed worry about renewing their driving privileges, keeping their jobs or purchasing the right magnifier.

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) is the agency that directs our state’s Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (BSVI). BSVI is a vital referral resource to have at your fingertips, whether you offer low vision services in your practice or not. Upon your recommendation, BSVI will interview your patient and can potentially “open a case” for them. Your patients will receive the support necessary to use their remaining vision to succeed at work and at home. None of us like sending patients out the door without hope or solutions to their vision problems. Earn their gratitude and continue to gain professional satisfaction from these patient encounters by taking the time to download and use the referral resources below!

What BSVI is all about

BSVI Referral Form for Low Vision Services

PDF BSVI Eye Report (Fillable)

Visit http://www.ood.ohio.gov/ to find out more!


The Rick Cornett Endowed Scholarship in Optometry

RC Newspaper

For seventeen years, the Ohio Optometric Association has flourished under the guidance of its Executive Director, Mr. Rick Cornett.  It is difficult to quantify the number of lives that he has influenced during his tenure, from the Presidents and Board Members that have served with him, to The Ohio State College of Optometry and its students and faculty, to the General Assembly at the Statehouse, and most importantly, the patients of Ohio for which we care.  We all have been well served.

In anticipation of his retirement later this spring, the OOA Board of Directors is establishing The Rick Cornett Endowed Scholarship in Optometry at the Ohio State University College of Optometry.  Third or fourth year students exhibiting strong leadership and legislative potential will be eligible to receive the scholarship.  The burdensome debt with which optometry students graduate was a constant concern of Rick’s; The OOA Board feels establishing a scholarship to defray this debt is a fitting tribute to our captain.

We are seeking the support of fellow “Friends of Rick”.  Tax-deductible donations and/or pledges can be made via the attached gift form or online at https://www.giveto.osu.edu/makeagift/OnlineGivingDonation.aspx (instructions below). Rachel Childress, the Director of Development at the College, is available if you have questions regarding your donation.  Her contact information is below. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this lasting tribute to Rick and his visionary stewardship of our Association.


Terri A. Gossard, O.D., M.S.

Ohio Optometric Association President

*On Sunday, March 29, 2015, the OOA will host an afternoon reception in honor of Rick’s retirement at JLiu’s Restaurant 6880 High St., Worthington OH, 43085 from 2:00-4:00 remarks will be starting at 3:00. Please contact Linda Fette at 614-781-0708, or via email at linda@ooa.org by March 15th, 2015.

Instructions to donate online:

1) Click link above

2) On the right side of the form is a blue “search” button click on it

3) Enter the following # 482751 (or search for Rick Cornett)

4) Click select, now the form will be populated for the Rick Cornett Scholarship Fund.

Printable Gift Form


Rachel Childress, Director of Development
 The Ohio State University 
College of Optometry, Development and Alumni Affairs 
A415 Starling Loving | 338 West 10th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210                                       614-292-2100 Office | 614-571-1696 Mobile | 614-247-8355 Fax  


Get up to $100 Ohio tax credit for making campaign contributions

NyeBy: Dr. Tom Nye, OD

Yes, you read that correctly.

We want to remind you about the Ohio income tax credit (not deduction!) for donations to STATE (and only state) campaign contributions.

Contribute up to $100 to certain selected Ohio state campaigns, and receive that $100 back in the form of a tax credit that applies directly toward your Ohio income taxes.

You can claim a credit against your tax for combined total cash contributions you made during the year to the campaign committee of candidates for any of the following Ohio offices:

  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • Auditor of State
  • Treasurer of State
  • Attorney General
  • Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
  • Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
  • Ohio Board of Education
  • Ohio Senate
  • Ohio House of RepresentativesIt works like this: if you are going to owe any Ohio state income tax, you can get a dollar for dollar tax credit for the combined total of donations to STATE political campaigns, up to $50 per single person or $100 for married couples who file jointly.

Example: If you and your spouse file jointly, and your bottom-line state income tax liability is $400, you would ultimately owe that amount less any covered contribution. If you contributed the maximum combined amount of $100, in this example you would owe only $300 ($400 – $100). In other words, you receive a credit equal to the amount of your combined contributions up to the credit limit. The amount is deducted directly off the net amount of taxes you owe. The “cost” of the contribution to you is zero.

So, if you are pretty sure that you will owe more than $50 in Ohio state income taxes (or over $100 per couple), now is the time to make a contribution to your local elected official. The contribution will reduce your tax bill by that amount when you file your 2014 Ohio state income taxes as long as you make the contribution before the end of the year. Of course, don’t hesitate to remind the recipient of your contribution that you are an optometrist, and that you support the agenda of the OOA

You do not have to obtain all of your credit in one contribution. You can give a dollar or five dollars to one or several campaign committees, and can receive the credit up to the combined maximum of $50 or $100. Just be sure to keep a copy of your checks or money orders. If you give cash, be sure to have receipts to file with your Ohio income taxes.

As long as optometry is a legislated profession, it is important that we are part of the elective process. Be an active contributor in this effort, and help optometry advance our legislative agenda.

In this season of giving, consider donating to the Ohio Optometric Foundation

Dr. JacksonDuring this busy holiday season, we’re asking all Ohio optometrists to make a generous donation to the Ohio Optometric Foundation, which was created to help Ohio eye doctors make a difference in the lives of others in their communities.

One-hundred percent of your donations go to programs to help children obtain quality eye care, as well as to fund scholarships for optometry students. The foundation also funds grants and programs to promote public awareness of the importance of comprehensive vision care.

Over the years, the foundation has made a difference in the lives of many Ohioans, thanks to the generosity of our donors. Some examples include:

- Providing free eye exams and glasses to students in Individualized Education Programs who are required to have an eye exam, but who don’t have the financial ability to pay for the exam or lenses.

- A foundation grant helped a clinic in Toledo buy vital equipment, which is used by volunteer eye doctors to provide eye examinations to low-income residents.

- More than $100,000 in scholarships awarded to students in Ohio optometry schools, many of whom have earned advanced degrees beyond their doctor of optometry degree. Other students dedicated themselves to research or service projects to help give back to the communities.

Donations to the Ohio Optometric Foundation are tax deductible, and it’s a great way to support our vital mission to promote the importance of a lifetime of vision care for the residents of Ohio.

You can mail your donation to:

Ohio Optometric Foundation
P.O. Box 6036
Worthington, OH 43085

Foundation Golf Outing Wrap-Up

PrintThe annual Golf Outing to raise funds for the Ohio Optometric Foundation (OOF) was held August 7 at Scioto Reserve Golf Course in Powell. Thirty-one foursomes participated in the event that also included a silent auction, raffle and putting contest.

OOF Golf Outing Winner

Dr. Doug McCloy was the OOF 2013 Golf Outing winner. Winner of the Zone Optic Cup was the Zone 3 foursome of Dr. Brian Mathie, Dr. Braden Kail, Dr. Tom Scullion, and Dr. Ted Rath.

Special thanks to the sponsors:

IMG_0243Gold Sponsor: Interstate Optical, Silver Sponsor: Toledo Optical, Bronze Sponsors: Classic Optical, HOYA

Hole Sponsors:HoleSponsor1HoleSponsor4 HoleSponsor2


OOA Member ODs, OSU Students Volunteer at 2013 Special Olympics

Special Olympics 2

On Saturday, June 29, 2013 , volunteers from around Ohio gathered at the Ohio State University campus to perform vision screenings for athletes participating in Special Olympics. In one day, over 130 athletes were screened, 42 pairs of prescription glasses, 44 pairs of sports goggles, and over 50 pairs of sunglasses were provided. Many comments of appreciation were heard from both the athletes and their families. Twenty-two students from Ohio State University College of Optometry and one student from Western College of Optometry volunteered their time.

Special Olympics 1

A very big thank you to the volunteer optometrists: Dr. Lynette Powell, Dr. Tracey Needham, Dr. Megan Holmes, Dr. Drusilla Grant, Dr. Cayti McDaniel, Dr. Katie Wulff, Dr. Kari Cardiff, Dr. Amy Keller, and Dr. Susan Truitt. Glasses were donated by the Lions Club Foundation International, and lenses by Bell Optical in Columbus, Ohio.