Reasons to Contribute to the OOPAC as an OOA Member

By Rebecca Brown, OD

As optometrists we care about our patients.  We have literally dedicated our lives to becoming better practitioners.  We work hard to become better doctors and to provide better services and a higher quality of care to our patients.  It is only logical that we also share a concern for the future of our profession.

The easiest way for us to protect the future of optometry in Ohio and allow us to continue offering excellent patient care is to annually contribute to the Ohio Optometric Political Action Committee (OOPAC).  Still less than one out of four Ohio optometrists contribute to OOPAC.

Unfortunately many of us do not understand the importance of giving money to OOPAC.  Money given to OOPAC is contributed to people seeking public office in order to assist with political campaign expenses.   Recipients of OOPAC contributions are candidates who are considered supporters of our profession.  Recipients of PAC money have often already demonstrated their commitment to optometry by creating or supporting laws that have directly benefitted optometry and our patients.

The reality is that every optometrist can make a difference by giving to OOPAC.  Sure large contributions are good, and the more money we give the more we can help friends of optometry, but even small contributions make a difference.  As stated earlier less that 25% of optometrists contribute to OOPAC.  A higher percentage of giving demonstrates that our profession is educated about and unified regarding our commitment to helping elect people that support optometry.  Your giving sends a message to lawmakers that as optometrists we are committed and willing to stand together to advocate for policies that help our profession and better serve our patients.

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