Annual OSU Optometry Student Night a Success

IMG_2419 It was another terrific turnout at the annual Ohio State Student Night event held January 8 in the Ohio Union, hosted by the Ohio Optometric Association. In addition to the 120 students in attendance, Dean Melvin Shipp, Dr. Karla Zadnik, Dr. Mike Earley and other faculty members attended.

The evening began with a reception during which students met our member optometrists. The guests were then welcomed by OOA Board President Dr. Lee Favede, AOA Trustee Dr. Robert Layman and OOA Executive Director Rick Cornett. They encouraged the students to pursue their careers with a passion for helping patients. Students were also urged to join and become active members in the AOA and the OOA because the professional organizations represented the interests of optometrists across the country.

During and after the dinner, students moved to the different tables to hear the doctors share their experiences working with patients and to ask questions about the profession. It was a great way for students to network with doctors and learn what it’s like to practice optometry in a variety of specialties and settings.

Special thanks to our Board members and other doctors who volunteered to share their experiences and provide lots of advice to these future optometrists: Dr. Lee Favede, OOA President; Dr. Terri Gossard, President-Elect; Dr. Jason Miller, Treasurer; Dr. Brenda Montecalvo, Past President; Board Trustees: Dr. Dave Anderson, Dr. Beckie Brown, Dr. Diana Gilbert, Dr. Drusilla Grant, and Dr. Beth Muckley; as well as Dr. Maria Fragoulis, Dr. Russell Maringer, Dr. Greg Hopkins and AOA Board Trustee Dr. Robert Layman.

IMG_2411 IMG_2420IMG_2413IMG_2423 IMG_2421 IMG_2414 IMG_2409 IMG_2417IMG_2416IMG_2408 IMG_2415

2 thoughts on “Annual OSU Optometry Student Night a Success

  1. Thanks to the students for a great turn out. I enjoyed answering your questions and getting to know you. You all are already an asset to the profession of optometry. A special thanks to Dean Shipp and the faculty for also attending as well as Bob Layman, AOA Trustee.

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