Stay Connected with the OOA Through Social Media

By Jenna Zigler, OD – With the popularity of social media, the Ohio Optometric Association created several social media sites. This blog you’re now reading is just one example of where optometrists and others interested in our profession can go to stay abrefacebook iconast of what’s happening in our field.

The OOA has a Facebook site, where you can find information about events and meetings, ocular health, and other important stories about our profession. You’ll also see regular updates about Realeyes presentations, the EastWest Eye Conference and more. You can participate by “liking” us on Facebook at

The OOA Twitter site provides multiple daily updates on a variety of topics of interest to our profession, either by “tweets” posted by the OOA or through “retweets,” which are posts by others the OOA follows. Twitter is a fun and easy way to interact with the OOA, so I invite you to follow us – @OhioOptometric – on Twitter at A second Twitter site is specifically dedicated to the EastWest Eye Conference, so follow @EastWestConf before, during and after EastWest at

Pinterest, one of the newest social media outlets, includes Pinterest boards dedicated to interesting ocular health information, entertaining optical illusions, office design ideas and other topics related to the eye and our profession. Pin with us on Pinterest at

Social media is a great way to stay informed about what’s happening with the OOA, so be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and also check back on this blog,

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