OOA Member ODs, OSU Students Volunteer at 2013 Special Olympics

Special Olympics 2

On Saturday, June 29, 2013 , volunteers from around Ohio gathered at the Ohio State University campus to perform vision screenings for athletes participating in Special Olympics. In one day, over 130 athletes were screened, 42 pairs of prescription glasses, 44 pairs of sports goggles, and over 50 pairs of sunglasses were provided. Many comments of appreciation were heard from both the athletes and their families. Twenty-two students from Ohio State University College of Optometry and one student from Western College of Optometry volunteered their time.

Special Olympics 1

A very big thank you to the volunteer optometrists: Dr. Lynette Powell, Dr. Tracey Needham, Dr. Megan Holmes, Dr. Drusilla Grant, Dr. Cayti McDaniel, Dr. Katie Wulff, Dr. Kari Cardiff, Dr. Amy Keller, and Dr. Susan Truitt. Glasses were donated by the Lions Club Foundation International, and lenses by Bell Optical in Columbus, Ohio.

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