InfantSEE Helps Pediatric Focus of Practice

by Dr. Cara Frasco

InfantSEE 1

I signed up to be an InfantSEE provider when the program started in 2005. I had finished my residency in Pediatric Optometry one year prior. InfantSEE examinations were a logical way to help grow the pediatric focus of my practice and promote the importance of lifelong eye care.

The InfantSEE assessment allows me to identify children at risk for visual problems and intervene before severe impairment develops. I am able to follow-up on these babies between 3 and 4 years of age to make sure their eyes are free of amblyopia and strabismus.

InfantSEE 3

InfantSEE examinations have also helped to strengthen the relationship I have with my local pediatricians. I send a letter to every baby’s pediatrician informing them about the InfantSEE program and of my findings. Now almost eight years later, several pediatricians have recognized the value of InfantSEE and recommend an InfantSEE examination to parents during the child’s 9-month well-visit.


InfantSEE Week is May 13-18, 2013. Make sure you know the events for the week – contact your zone coordinator for more information.

Congratulations to Dr. Frasco who practices in Springboro and Middletown. She submitted the most InfantSEE forms online in 2012 of any doctor in the United States. Doctors are asked to submit online a form for each InfantSEE exam they complete. The forms can be accessed at There will be a special recognition for the Ohio doctor who submits the most forms in 2013; in addition, doctors who submit 25 forms online before September 1, 2013 are eligible for complimentary registration to the EastWest Eye Conference.

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