InfantSEE Announces Award


Seeing babies before one year of age and keeping Ohio’s InfantSEE program front-of-mind for parents and others involved with babies are major efforts of Ohio InfantSEE volunteers. Receiving a report that their baby has a well-functioning visual system is a wonderful assurance for a parent. InfantSEE providers also have the privilege to see those who need extra testing, remediation of an eye disease or spectacles that will affect the baby’s quality of life.

The OOA has created an award to honor the Ohio doctor who submits the most InfantSEE on-line reports from January 1 through August 31, 2013. The on-line reports may be accessed at Every time you complete an InfantSEE assessment, submit a report online. Even though Ohio leads the nation in doctors participating and infant exams, our goal is to reward the doctor who gives the most to this public health service. Thank you to all InfantSEE doctors for, as Urban Meyer would say, “Making the great State of Ohio proud!” Visit to sign up to become an InfantSEE volunteer, to make sure your listing is correct, to access on-line reporting forms or for other information about InfantSEE.

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