Scheduled Narcotics

Written by: Dr. Elizabeth Muckley

As you should be aware of by now, the FDA rescheduled hydrocodone from a Schedule III controlled substance to Schedule II controlled substance.  Our law was amended to address this issue and became law on March 23, 2015 (see below), so you didn’t lose any prescribing rights that you previously had before the change. YOU MUST NOW UPDATE YOUR DEA CERTIFICATE.

If you go to DEA’s website, and review the mid-level practitioner chart (see below) you will find that DEA has already identified O.D.s in Ohio as having schedule II, III and IV authority.

Since the law has now been amended and you have authority to handle schedule II narcotic controlled substances (if you have a valid DEA certificate), then you can use the following web link to add schedule II to your DEA registration.  You should also add Schedule IV because Tramadol was rescheduled also by the FDA.

You will need information obtained from your DEA certificate in order to log on.

If you need assistance with the log on, please call 1-800-882-9539.

If you don’t complete the update, your scripts may get denied by the pharmacy. 

Everything else regarding your prescribing authority remains the same as before the change.

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