November Legislative Update

Written by: Executive Director Keith Kerns, Esq.

HB 213

This month, the Ohio House Commerce and Labor Committee began deliberations on House Bill 213, a measure that would require that all professional licenses be renewed on a biennial basis.  HB 213 was introduced by State Representative Tom Brinkman (R-Cincinnati) last spring.

The bill would impact several regulated professions, including: auctioneers, pawn brokers, real estate agents and appraisers, sanitarians, hearing aide dealers, private investigators, nursing home administrators, contractors, dieticians, pharmacists and opticians and optometrists.  Physicians, dentists and other health professionals currently renew on a biennial basis and are not included in the bill.

The OOA has serious concerns with the legislation and has requested to have optometry removed from HB 213.  This week, I submitted testimony to the House Commerce and Labor Committee on behalf of the OOA on this issue.  To view the testimony, click here.  Be sure to visit to view the latest updates this and other important legislative issues.

Sales Tax Repeal Bill Pending In Ohio Senate

Recently, State Senators Dave Burke (R-Marysville) and Randy Gardner (R-Bowling Green) introduced Senate Bill 216 into the Ohio legislature.  SB 216 would exempt the first $500 of the sale of a prescriptive optical aide or component from the state sales tax. The Ohio Optometric Association strongly supports the legislation.  The bill has been assigned to the Ohio Senate Ways and Means Committee for deliberations.

Ohio currently requires retailers of prescriptive eyewear to collect and remit sales tax on prescriptive eyewear and other optical aids which creates an unnecessary barrier for patients and places Ohio-based retailers at a competitive disadvantage. 42 states exempt these products from sales tax.

To learn more about SB 216 and to get involved, Read More about SB 216 

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