SB258 Passes

By Dr. Beth Muckley, OOA Legislative Committee

The Ohio Optometric Association is pleased to announce that optometric prescriptive authority for Hydrocodone and Tramadol has been restored.  On December 2 the Ohio Senate passed SB258 by a vote of 31-0.  SB258 included the amendment brought forth by the Ohio Optometric Association to fix the changes in prescribing restrictions due to FDA narcotic rescheduling.  The OOA along with the State Board of Optometry had been working on this legislation for over a year.

“Restoring the prescriptive authority of tramadol and hydrocodone for DEA-licensed optometrists in Ohio is a great benefit for Ohio patients. As the primary eye care providers within the state, optometrists manage and treat patients with acute ocular pain from eye injuries, ocular trauma, and other ocular emergencies. Short term use of oral narcotic analgesics can bring significant pain relief to aid patient recovery and hasten their return to work and normal daily activities,” according to Dr. Greg Nixon,  Assistant Dean of Clinical Services at The Ohio State University College of Optometry.

In order to prescribe Tylenol 3, Hydrocodone, and Tramadol, optometrists must have a DEA number.  If you have questions, contact the OOA.

Dr. Elizabeth Muckley

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