An Update on Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

mark ridenour july 2014By Mark Ridenour, OOA Consultant – Medicare now contracts with more than 360 ACOs nationally, each covering at least 5,000 patients for three years with Shared Savings. Ten ACOs are in Ohio; here’s a link to Medicare’s website where you can search for those organizations serving Ohio:

Medicare rules include that patients are informed they are using an ACO and do not have to use network providers. ACOs may create private contracts with employers or other payers with different rules.

The Ohio Optometric Association is not aware of ODs being excluded. OOA is aware of OD groups and eyecare administrators signing with ACOs. The Harkin Amendment is intended to minimize the exclusion of provider groups including ODs; if you are aware of limitations on your scope of practice, notify the Ohio Optometric Association.

For more information, you can download a copy of The Accountable Care Guide provided by the AOA at:


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