AOA Brain Injury Manual

By DMontecalvo 953r. Brenda Montecalvo, AOA Vision Rehabilitation Section – Incidents of brain injury and its devastating effects are garnering greater public awareness due to the large numbers of returning soldiers being treated plus the recent spotlight on concussions in the NFL and as a result of automobile accidents.

With this increased awareness of visual complications from brain injury, the AOA Vision Rehabilitation Section has produced a new “Brain Injury Electronic Resource Manual.” The manual is a comprehensive resource developed to aid the primary care optometrists in evaluating patients with brain injury. For the best results for patients, ODs need to be involved in the full continuum of care.

For a limited time, February 3 through April 1, the Manual will be available on the AOA Website.

The Manual is an evidence-based approach with clinical pearls and advanced evaluation techniques for working with patients with brain injury. Volume 1 of the Manual focuses on evaluation and assessment of common visual conditions associated with brain injury. These include binocular vision disorders, accommodative issues and eye movement disorders.

The Manual includes elements such as a glossary, lists of commonly used equipment and an overview of the numerous tests. Volume 2 is being developed.

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