Realeyes at Health Fairs

OOA staff presented the Realeyes exhibit at 10 to 15 health fairs and conferences throughout the summer months. In order to attract students to the booth so they can learn about the value of taking care of their eyes, games and prizes dealing with vision are offered.

cornholeFirst, they are engaged in an activity such as cornhole or the football toss game while wearing glasses that simulate vision conditions followed up by a discussion about the importance of seeing as good as you can see and visiting the eye doctor who can diagnose and treat vision disorders.994837_166695736843608_458002876_n

Second, they visit a table where they are asked to name ways to protect their eyes (swimming goggles, protective batting helmets, eating foods that can help prevent eye diseases).



Third, they play Plinko to win “protection for their eyes” (UV sunglasses/hats/foods that prevent eye diseases).

table setupFourth, they receive take-home handouts that provide information about eye and vision care.

If you would like to help Realeyes at a future health fair, please send an email to

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