4 thoughts on “NBC segment on Children’s Vision

  1. Good news report, although not really hitting on the real issue: kids need seen to pick up these problems. Some news is better than no news. Its a start.

  2. Any national publicity is good to increase awareness. However, it was insulated that the amblyopia was missed on exams when in all reality they meant screenings. No doubt they will look to sell this to schools, screening organizations, and pediatricians to further the screening agenda in place of full eye exams. I will continue the public awareness campaign within my community through Infantsee and Realeyes stressing the importance of full exams.

  3. This is something eye care professionals have known for years, but finding ways to get the information out is difficult. In addition, changing attitudes for parents and medical professionals can be a road block. At the end of the day, any discussion with kids and early vision detection can be seen as a positive, we just need to shape the message into comprehensive eye exams and not screenings!

  4. No particular order after watching once:
    Brian Williams’ intro was good…loved the “outdated” comment
    Wonder what AAPOS thinks
    Not enough info to tell what the entire screening involves, but appears to be aimed at detecting amblyopia and amblyogenic factors…didn’t see any near testing being performed which would be germane to reading/school performance
    Never heard comprehensive eye examinations mentioned

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