Dr. Layman, Candidate for AOA Trustee

In the past year, I have been working with the medical director responsible for the medical home initiative for the largest health system in Ohio.  We are creating protocols for the delivery of primary eye care for the ODs that are in the geographic areas of their primary care physicians.  That effort is an example of an initiative vital to cementing the role of Optometry in the evolving health care system of the future.

There is no doubt that third party parity, advocacy excellence, creative membership initiatives, improving affiliate relations, and combatting internet outlets will be part of the Board agendas of our state and national associations.  You can trust me to be a man of integrity, hungry to dig into these issues on your behalf in order to make a difference for our members and our profession!Dr. Layman

One thought on “Dr. Layman, Candidate for AOA Trustee

  1. Thanks, Bob, for all that you have done for Ohio Optometry and Optometry throughout the nation. The AOA couldn’t have a better trustee representing our membership!

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