Vision Center Making a Difference

From the OneSight Vision Center at Oyler school:

There is a little second grade Oyler student named Sadie.   She was wearing glasses her uncle purchased over the counter for her.  Sadie was being mentored for her reading and handwriting.  She did not read well and her handwriting was so bad that the letters were giant scrolls that went up the side and off of the paper.  She could not see the lines on the page.

She was referred for an exam.  Unfortunately she had Amerigroup insurance which we were not contracted with at that time.  But due to her high prescription and problems, we ordered her glasses from OneSight.   Her prescription was a +7.50 sphere in the right eye and +8.00 sphere in the left eye.  The little red head selected pink frames and she looks beautiful in them.

Today the Mentoring Director came into our Vision Center.  Sadie, who could not write very well, was so happy with her glasses, she wrote a letter to her Mentor thanking her for all her help with her reading and handwriting.  The letter was written very well for a second grader, the letters were all on the lines, and the Mentor is delighted with Sadie’s progress.

The Mentoring Director wanted to share the story and is in awe of Sadie’s progress with her new glasses.  She wanted us to be aware of the difference the OneSight Vision Center is making in some of the student’s lives.

As a side note, I was delivering consent forms to some the rooms today and met Sadie in the hallway.  With her teacher’s permission, she volunteered to help me find the rooms since she can now see the room numbers on the walls.  We don’t know what her confidence level was before, but she certainly has it in full now.

Watch world, Sadie’s coming.

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